• 1- Comet Thermo Former Shot Size
  • 1- Comet Thermo Former Shot Size
  • 1- Thermwood CNC Router
  • 1- Multimatic CNC Router
  • 1- Desiccant Drying Oven
  • Extensive Post Processing Capabilities and Assembly Options
As one of the leading plastic forming companies GPC offers a high quality, efficient alternative to its injection molding option. With out thermoforming operation we offer a low tooling cost, low volume and fast time to market alternative.


- Vacuum Forming
- Plastic Forming
- In House Tooling & Design
- CNC Trimming
- Assembly & Paint Services
- Prototype
- Product Testing
GPC’s ability to supply our customers with the most up to date technology along with dedicated project coordinators result in high quality, consistent parts every time.