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  1. People of General Pattern; Bob Grainger

    One of the ingredients that make General Pattern unique is the people who work here. From time to time we will highlight a team member here and on our other social sites. Together we create a diverse and dynamic team crossing many demographics and parts of the country and each one is a valued member of the company.

    Today, we are featuring Bob Grainger the “Roving Ambassador”. Bob originally worked for a different company representing General Pattern, but, Denny extended him an offer in 1985 and he has been with GP ever since. Bob moved through the sales ranks to the VP of sales position at our Blaine Minnesota location and attempted to retire in 2012. You just can’t quit a good thing so Bob continues to work as a mentor and special accounts guy although now he lives on the west coast.

    When you talk to Bob, he will tell you that he loves that at General Pattern there is a “Can-Do” spirit and no two days are alike. He also loves the unique culture that runs through the company.

    Personally, Bob is an outdoors sort of guy, loving to sail, ski, & travel. He has a wife, two kids, four granddaughters, and, one dog.

    For those looking to follow in Bob’s footsteps, the education that got him into the industry is a BS in Math & Sociology.

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