Core Values

Core Values

Value Based Leadership


Core Values

General Pattern Company is committed to the concepts of Value Based Leadership. We believe core values are a shared set of beliefs defining how we as a company operate when conducting business.  Our four core values are what we believe in most and care most about; they help guide our decision making and influence our choices as the world and our business context changes. Our Core Values represent the principles by which we operate and are committed to upholding in our day-to-day business with customers, vendors, and each other.





Always Finds a Way




•Being reliable.

•Able to follow directions.

•On time and mentally present.

•Being responsible for your own actions.

•Being consistent in performance and behavior.

•“Say what you do, do what you say”.

•Passionate about your job, committed to doing your very best!

•Energetic and eager for “what’s next”.


•Self-Motivated – driven to excel.

•Comes to work everyday ready to give 110%.

•Great work ethic.

•We strive to be the best.

•Constantly seeking improvements.

•Curious about new ideas.

•Finding clever solutions.

•We say  “How can we?” or “How will we?”

•Optimistic, approachable attitude.

•Enjoys working with all team members.

•Embraces GPC’s culture -- where today is great and tomorrow will be even better.

•Accepts and responds positively to change.

•Takes errors in stride, moves forward with a positive attitude.

•Exceeds own expectations and enjoys doing it.